Student Athlete Handbook

Student Athlete Handbook

As a student athlete at Marshalltown Community College, you are expected to uphold a certain image on campus, in the classroom, and in the community. The reputation of our athletic programs, as well as the college, is in your hands. We hope you find this resource helpful, if you have questions, please ask your coach or athletic department staff. This handbook contains supplemental material contained in the MCC student handbook and/or MCC Student Conduct Policy.


Each coach and team may develop their own set of team rules. These rules may be more restrictive than Athletic Department, Marshalltown Community College, Iowa Community College Athletic Conference or NJCAA rules. Team rules will be enforced by the coaching staff of the sport. Any appeals of team rules are to be resolved by the Director of Athletics. Your head coach will review the standards for team conduct which you should observe when you are representing MCC. This includes, but is not limited, to, dress, individual conduct, study tables and practice. Regardless of your sport, the athletic department does not allow student-athletes to use alcohol, tobacco or drugs when representing their teams.


Head coaches have the authority to suspend or dismiss any student-athlete on his/her team if the student-athlete violates team rules and/or policies set forth in this handbook which may affect your athletic grant-in-aid if you have signed a NJCAA Letter of Intent.


Academic Expectations

  • Attend classes and complete all academic assignments in a timely manner.
  • Communicate to instructors in a timely manner when an academic/athletic conflict exists PRIOR to the conflict.
  • Consult with your student success specialist, utilize the student support services center and team study tables as directed.
  • Maintain an academic load of at least 12 credit hours per semester, making satisfactory progress towards a degree.
  • Accept personal responsibility for maintaining academic progress.
  • Understand and adhere to academic regulations of MCC and the NJCAA.

Classroom Conduct

  • Be on time for each class.
  • Do not use your phone, iPod, etc. during class.
  • Get to know your instructors and their expectations for the class.
  • Be sure to learn your instructors by name and greet them appropriately.
  • Meet all requirements set by instructors.
  • MCC Instructors want to see you succeed – take advantage of the extra assistance they are willing to offer you.

Sportsmanlike Conduct

  • Maintain control during emotionally charged situations.
  • React in a positive manner to an aggressive action by an individual or group.

Unacceptable behavior on the playing field includes, but is not limited to:

  • Physically abusing or taunting officials, coaches, opponents or spectators.
  • Engaging in any public criticism of game officials, conference personnel, another institution, its student-athletes or its personnel.
  • Throwing objects.
  • Seizing equipment from officials or the news media.
  • Inciting players or spectators to negative actions or to any behavior which insults an opponent.
  • Using obscene or otherwise inappropriate language or gestures.
  • Participating in excessive celebration.

Serious Criminal Violations

If a student athlete violates a local, state or federal law which involved a violent action or felony charge, and charges are filed, the student athlete can be suspended by athletic administration from participation in intercollegiate athletics until the charges have been resolved by the legal system.


Other Violations

Athletic Administration has the authority to suspend any student athlete from the intercollegiate program who has been arrested or cited for any violation of law.


College Equipment/Property

Equipment, practice gear, uniforms, and books that you may receive as a student athlete are property of Marshalltown Community College and should be returned following the end of the season and/or semester. Items not returned will result in a charge or hold being placed on a student account until the charge is paid or the item(s) is returned.